Thursday, March 28, 2013

Equally lost

Unless you live in a cave I am sure you are all aware of the equal rights movement for homosexuals and their right to marry.  I am not a homosexual.  I don’t understand it.  There are a lot of things I don’t understand, and maybe I never will. Does that mean I hate them?  No, not at all.  Never.   Does that change what God says?  Nope, not at all.  What I do know is we are all created by God and for His glory.  I can’t help but think how it must make Him feel to know that this is Easter week and so many people are too busy worrying about equality when in reality the only real way we are all equal is we are all equally lost without Him.  So if a person who supports gay marriage can speak up and speak their beliefs and rights, why are there so many Christians who don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and just sit back silently?  We all have the right in this democracy to voice our opinions.  I might as well take advantage of it.  How many Christians that are bashing gay marriage and say it’s an abomination, sin, and wrong, are having adulterous affairs in their own one man one woman marriages?  Are they holding marriage to be sacred?  How many husbands beat their wife’s, or how many wife’s disrespect and dishonor their husbands?  Is this sacred and what God wants?  Not at all.  And yet there are these people that are declaring God’s word regarding what God says about one man and one woman, but ignoring the rest of the scriptures on marriage.  We all have it so wrong.

How often do we stop and think, unless it’s Easter of course, about the sacrifice God made for us by sending His son to die for us?  Notice I said “we” and have included myself.  To be beaten, flesh ripped, mocked, spit upon, nails through his wrist and feet, and hung on a degrading cross and if that wasn’t enough; God couldn’t even look at Him because Christ became sin to finish the work of his Father.  All the fellowship He had ever had with God and God was always with Him and when God had to turn away and couldn’t look at Christ I believe it hurt Christ more than any of His physical ailments.  All for me?  At my darkest and even at my best without Christ and His work on the cross I was lost.  It’s easy to see we were lost when we think of all the bad we’ve done.  But what about all the good we’ve done?  Our best is like filthy rags to God.  It doesn’t matter how good you try to be or think you are or how many people you help, without accepting Christ and that he was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died an undeserving death for ALL humanity (gay, straight, do gooders, addicts, people pleasers, liars, philanthropists, etc..), and arose on the third day and revealed himself to many and returned to Heaven to prepare a place for the saved then we are hopelessly lost and condemned to hell.  People have a hard time accepting the fact that there is nothing good inside of them and deserving apart from Christ.  Prideful people will never admit they are lost without Him.  It takes an act of God.  My guess is without God revealing sin inside of us; none of us would think we were too bad.

Yes I believe Holy Matrimony is sacred.  My marriage is a cord of three; God, Jeff, and me.  Without Him it would’ve dissolved a long time ago.  I am not anyone’s judge and neither are any of you.  God has such admiration and love for marriage that Christ is said to be our groom and we (the church) are his bride.  That tells me it is sacred to God.  God works inside a person to reveal Himself and puts convictions inside of people.  Man judges by the outside appearance, or the actions of a man.  But God judges the heart.  He sees the motives behind the actions of us all and that is enough that should make every straight, gay, asexual, bisexual person stop and evaluate.  Without Him we are equally lost.

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  1. I admire you alot Jennifer. You have spoken your true heart and God blesses you for that, and so many other reasons. The picture of you and Russy is a picture that shows on his face how proud he is of you. Jeff is a very lucky man and I think he knows too. May God continue blessing you and Jeff in yalls marriage and family. Love you girl!!!



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